The Ultimate Online Casino Disaster; Our Official Volt Casino Review

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Volt Casino Review

Volt Casino was by far the worst online casino platform and we’re not going to miss it at all.


This casino is closed.

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Danger! High Voltage! That is usually what the warning signs say. It’s too bad that Volt Casino didn’t come with the same warning signs since this online casino is a cautionary tale as to the darker side of online gaming. Rumours were spreading and we heard the whispers within the online casino community, so we couldn’t resist investigating. So here’s our official Volt Casino review, taking you behind the scenes of one of the biggest online casino disasters. Discover our online casino review

Volt Casino Bonuses and Promotions

At one stage online casino players were flocking to Volt Casino due to the site’s incredible bonuses and promotions – especially their welcome bonus. It was revolutionary within the online casino community as absolutely no first deposit was needed to claim the welcome bonus. And with absolutely no wagering requirements attached to the welcome bonus, Volt Casino was literally giving players completely free stuff with absolutely no strings attached other than registering an account. Volt Casino was essentially enticing new players to the platform with the promise of free spins, requesting nothing in return – not payment or commitment.

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We wonder whether this unbelievable welcome bonus wasn’t what ultimately signalled the beginning of the end for this online casino. The platform gathered a huge following and continued offering players other bonuses, promotions and special offers. Soon the welcome bonus changed and new players were suddenly required to make a minimum deposit of at least £20 before they could claim their welcome bonus. The amount of free spins also changed to an amount not even worth a new player’s effort to fill in the registration form. The rest of the bonuses, promotions and special offers slowly started to diminish and disappear over time. Along with the players. Unfortunately, there were a lot of steadfast and loyal regular players who kept their Volt Casino accounts open.

Bonus up to extras
1st deposit 20£ + 20 free spins
2nd deposit 30£ + 30 free spins
3rd deposit 40£ + 40 free spins

How to Register a Casino Account at Volt Casino

As with most online casinos, registering and opening an account with Volt Casino was fairly quick and simple and all that was required from a player was a name, email address and a few other personal details. But in all honesty, whilst their generous welcome bonus was still available, players would’ve probably been willing to complete a 20-page form along with a 500 word essay just to be able to register and get their hands on all those free spins.

Casino License

Volt Casino was operated by Fair Play Bets Limited who was both licensed to provide online gaming services in Malta and the UK.

The Casino Design

The Volt Casino site was very impressive. It had a sleek black background with a very modern feel. All the games were displayed in big, bold and impressive thumbnails on the homepage creating a just-click-and-play feeling. Clear and straightforward tabs at the top of the site navigated players to the various pages of the site such as ‘Casino’, ‘Live Casino’, ‘Sportsbook’ and ‘Missions’ (more on that later). The site wasn’t cluttered with pages of text and information. Looking back we’re not so sure whether this was really a positive in the end. It might’ve been for the best if players had a little bit of a more in-depth look at how this online casino operated. But in terms of the layout and design of Volt Casino, the platform definitely featured with some of the best of the best within the online casino industry.

Casino Games Available

Besides the bonus offers and other promotions Volt Casino had to offer, their incredible wide variety of games was the other pull for many avid online players. Volt Casino offered sports betting via their Sportsbook where you could bet on almost every popular sports match and event as well as a few niche ones. They offered live casino games such as time-old classics like Live Blackjack, Roulette Classic, VIP Roulette, VIP Blackjack, Rapid Roulette as well as other popular live casino table games. They also had an incredible range of slot machines with fan favourites such as Starburst, Thunder Struck, Gonzos Quest and Magic Fruits.

But the variety of games Volt Casino had to offer wasn’t the problem. It was the actual game play that left many Volt Casino players shocked. As the players on the platform increased, so did the negative reviews. Players were complaining about games lagging and crashing mid-play, scheduled maintenance notices stating that the site would be down for an hour turned into six days. Even more controversially, many of the players claimed that they won fairly big winnings with their welcome bonus free spins, but once they started playing with real money they didn’t even seem to get one win. So whilst the available games was pretty impressive, the constant technical problems when attempting to play them weren’t.

Volt Casino Live Casino

As previously mentioned, Volt Casino’s live casino game selection was quite impressive with popular games such as Blackjack, Roulette and other table games made available to players. But once again, it’s one thing to make such a wide range of live casino games available to players, it’s quite another to actually ensure that they’re not glitchy and players can actually play them.

Game Providers 

Along with the wide variety of games, came an impressive list of online casino industry software developers. These included big names such as NetEnt and Microgaming. It is important to note that the game play issues and technical problems experienced by players were not due to any fault on the game provider’s side. These issues rest solely with the Volt Casino platform.

Loyalty Program/VIP

Here’s where things get weird. Ok, even weirder. Volt Casino offered players the opportunity to be a part of their loyalty program which for all intents and purposes didn’t differ much from any other standard loyalty or reward program on other online casinos. The principle was basic; the more you play, the quicker you reach a higher level which in turn unlocks more rewards. But we haven’t come to the weird part yet. For some strange reason Volt Casino decided to add ‘Missions’ to the existing loyalty program concept.

And a feature that ultimately really didn’t make much of a difference or particularly persuaded players to up their game play, even got a dedicated page on the Volt Casino site. The idea behind missions was that certain games or certain ways of playing games (whether it was the deposit of a certain amount or specific wagering requirements) would make a player earn even more points toward levelling up within the loyalty program. We didn’t find it enticing then and today it’s very clear that not many players did.

Deposit and Volt Casino Withdrawal Options   

Volt Casino offered players the opportunity to make a deposit or a withdrawal using many of the popular and most trusted payment methods available to online casino players. These payment methods included Visa, Maestro, Skrill, NETeller, Paypal, Paysafecard, Ecopayz and a standard bank transfer. Deposits could be made at no charge and were instantly available, but a player had to make a minimum deposit of £20. Making a withdrawal was just as easy and the withdrawal time with Volt Casino was quite quick.

They promised to have a player’s winnings and real money transferred to their account in no more than 72 hours. All this seemed pretty standard and the speedy withdrawal time was very alluring. But making a deposit or withdrawal is where the casino chip hit the fan yet again. Soon players started reported transaction irregularities. A player would make a deposit and it would simply not be loaded onto their account. Or a player would wake up to duplicate withdrawals where Volt Casino ended up actually taking more money out of a player’s bank account than they actually paid-out. And as the complaints increased, the deposits and withdrawals decreased due to players having lost trust in the platform.

Volt Casino Mobile Casino

There were no downloadable Volt Casino app for players. But like most online casinos who understand that their players want to access and play games whilst on the move, Volt Casino also ensured that their platform was 100% mobile compatible. This made it possible for players to enjoy playing games (or rather having games crash and glitch when it comes to Volt Casino) on all mobile devices.

Customer Support 

If you think all the problems on the Volt Casino site was bad, their customer support was worse. And this despite the fact that they had a dedicated FAQ page where players could find most of the answers to their questions,  could send a mail to customer support, call or even live chat with a customer support representative 24/7. Once again the complaints came rolling in as communication to customer support was ignored. Issues reported via phone was never attended to. And players would wait for live chat customer support for hours before finally giving up. For all practical purposes, Volt Casino’s customer support was non-existent.

Security to Protect Players

This is where there’s even more controversy and debate amongst players when it comes to Volt Casino. Volt Casino was regulated by both the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. It made use of random number generators for their slot games. And they made use of SSL encryption technology for all their transactions. So the question remains; for a platform that had so many safety and security measures in place, why did it have so many issues?

Our Expert Conclusion 

Volt Casino officially stopped operating in October 2020. There were no notices or warnings sent out to players on the platform. Players simply woke up one morning to find that the site was down. Where some initially thought that it was just another technical issue on Volt Casino’s part, it soon became apparent that the platform had officially shut down. With no way of contacting the online casino anymore, players are still reporting problems such as lost winnings and money being taken off their bank accounts. What exactly went wrong with Volt Casino is anybody’s guess. And how it happened even with so many big online casino industry names attached to the site and despite a multitude of safety and security measures in place completely blows one’s mind. But Volt Casino was a stark reminder to every avid online casino player out there; never become too comfortable or complacent when it comes to online gaming and real money. Things can turn bad very quickly. The Volt Casino disaster will forever remind us to remain vigilant.