Who We Are

At CasinoGuy, our mission is to help players get the most out of their online gambling experience. To do this, we review a wide selection of casino sites and games to provide you with:

  • Knowledge – Our reviews are as detailed as possible
  • Expertise – Our team has a combined experience of over 65 years!
  • Honesty – We’re unbiased and look at the good and bad sides of the industry
  • Value – We aim to guide you on making the best choices

What We Do

We strive to be your #1 Casino Guy, but behind-the-scenes, we’re actually a bunch of guys who work hard to provide you with the best and most detailed reviews on the net. We pride ourselves in our ‘know-it-all’ attitude about all things casino and games. But we don’t like being obnoxious; we’re just keen to impart our wisdom and help fellow lovers of online casino gaming get the most out of their experience.

We’re Research-Driven Creatives


We’re a full complement of casino reviewers who work hard to gather information, conduct research, write and create honest, in-depth and easily-digestible reviews that are not only informative, but clear and to-the-point. We don’t like to beat around the bush – instead, we want all our readers to get all the details to make the best decision possible.

We’re Tech-Savvy

tech-savvyThese days, content is simply not enough. We tap into our team of on-site programmers who use their technical skills to help us deliver the most precise and user-friendly website available on the internet. It’s our ultimate desire for our users to easily find what they’re looking for, in the most efficient manner. That’s why an up to date and optimal performing website is vital for us.

We Encourage Fair and Safe Play

casino safetyJust making our site fair and safe is just the first step. We want to encourage an environment of security within the iGaming community. Rogue, suspicious and unscrupulous sites and business practices are called out as player safety and protection is our main concern. We’re not just about highlighting the good. We intend to underscore the bad so that everyone can get a clear picture. We’re also doing what we can to persuade other companies and websites from doing the same.

We’re Unbiased

fair reviewsJust a few simple facts. Our reviews are not for sale. As an independent website, all our reviews are unbiased, fair and honest. We value our integrity and the integrity of our users. We’re not a marketing site; we’re here to educate and inform. We’re not influenced by anything other than the facts and expert knowledge and analytical skills of our team.

We’re 100% Free

heartWe believe everyone should have access to honest, expert advice when trying to choose the best online casino and games. As such, we do not charge for our services. We promise our users that they will never be asked to pay for any information available on our site. That said, quality remains a priority to us, and we will continue to provide the most thoroughly researched and honest reviews for as long as you need us.